Block commenting keyboard-combo (MAC)

Hey there, I am trying to comment out several lines of code in a js file. What’s the keyboard shortcut for Mac (German keyboard)?


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The keyboard shortcut for block-commenting multiple in sublime text is Ctrl + Shift + /, however, I have tried this with Glitch, it does not work as expected or not work at all.

Alternatively, you can hit Ctrl + / to toggle comments (//)
Select multiple lines and hit Ctrl + / to comment the lines and reciprocal to remove the comments.

If you would like to open a topic (feature request) regarding this, feel free to do that.

Happy Glitching!

Thx @chroventer. That doesn’t work for me.

Any other hints?

Hey! If you’re on a Mac, try selecting the lines of code and then pressing Command + / – just tested it on my machine and it worked for me.

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