Blocked Due to Blacklisting


When accessing my app, I get:

{ status: "Error", statusCode: 403, statusDetail: "Blocked Due to Blacklisting" }

Anyone know what this means?


Hi @rmanalan,

We have blacklisting capability for apps which are unused or violate our Terms of Service. I’m not aware of any manual blacklisting that has happened yet, so this could be a bug. Not to worry, we can reverse it :sweat_smile:

I’m guessing this is the project?
If so, it’s already unblocked. Looks awesome! :sunglasses:


Hi!, I’m getting the same error message. Not sure if I should open another thread or ask here for support.



Here is fine. If you can give us your project name then we’ll get it re-enabled for you.


My project is nettle-shark



Hi, I’m getting the same error on my project garnet-shadow. Could you re-enable it for me?
Thank you!


both back up now. Sorry about that, and for the delay.


peridot-mountain is having same issue


We’ve restored it for you. So that we can look into the cause, can you let me know when you created the project and registered on HyperDev? Thanks!


I registered and created the project on 12th June thanks.


Hey, I’m also having the same issue here, project fan-king. The editor also says “We’re having trouble connecting.”


Sorry about that - we’ve un-blacklisted it, so it’s available again.


Can you un-blacklist mad-gem also, please? I created my hyperdev by loading yesterday (and did exactly nothing to it).



Your project is back in the game, John!


salt-shark is having the same issue. I believe I created the project last week, do not quite remember the exact date.


We’ve enabled it again. We blacklist projects automatically after 5 days for anonymous users, so be sure to log in with GitHub if you haven’t done so already.


Me too. shows that 403 error when accessed from the Android browser (from emulator), but OK from Android Chrome.


That’s back now - looked like it had timed out. Login with GitHub to keep projects around for longer than 5 days.



My app (rogue-dart) is also blocked but I don’t know why.
Can you help me on this ? Or send my the code ?..

Many thanks,

Jean-Sébastien Scrève


I’ve unblocked that for you!