Blocking MySQL Connetion

Hi im trying to connect to an outside MySQL connection and you guys are blocking it

Can you guys un block it for me

Project: dreaming-bot-shortener
Username: SpooderCraft

it’s the default port


Ps: ik its you guys because it works everywhere else in the world but here

Hey @Dream-cake, welcome to the Glitch Forums!

I’m sorry for the inconvenience you running into. However I can fairly safely say that Glitch is not blocking those outbound connections to your remote MySQL instance. I have a sample project running at!/mysql-connection-testing that basically uses all of the same code you’re using and is connecting successfully to a remote MySQL instance I have running, so you can take a look and verify that we’re connecting successfully - the results of the connection are rendered at

It’s possible that your remote database host requires your source ip address to be whitelisted and that they might be blocking Glitch because your project’s IP address isn’t. I know I had to do that for my test. You can get the external IP address of your project’s host by opening the project’s console and running curl

Hope this helps; happy Glitching!