BloxyLibrary - Library full of high quality assets for Roblox development

Project URL:

A great site for developers that are looking for high-quality resources for their next Roblox project. I made this site because Roblox has somewhat of a problem with their developer marketplace which is full of botted and unsafe assets.

Although It might not be useful for you guys here on the Glitch forum, I just thought I would share my website because its been running since December 8, 2020 and I have put a lot of effort into it.

This website began as a simple vanilla static site which turned into a full stack React app with a whole back-end. It was redesigned many times from the ground up using different technologies. The latest rewrite took me 18 hours to finish with little to no breaks and I am personally impressed how it turned out. I have many great plans for the future but for now I am just adding more assets while waiting for it to become more known.

It can be already found on Google which is really cool, and it’s definitely a great step in the right direction.


But most importantly, I am really grateful to the team at Glitch for making my website hosting dream possible, all free of charge.


Nice job! I resonate with the feeling of redoing projects with different frameworks and finally getting it right.


Looks really cool, keep it up! :+1:


this looks very cool, also nice SEO


I’ve started with static site, then I moved to vanilla nodejs server, after that I moved to React + vanilla nodejs, but then I figured out that Next.js exists and it blew my mind on how it makes everything so much easier. So the latest version of my site uses Next.js.

Yeah, the hardest part is getting the right framework for yourself.


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