BlueFun: The simple esoteric programming language

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Bundle used to be a popular programming language, having over 10 different dialects/child languages made off of it (mostly circulating on, TBG forums, and somewhat Discord). Recently, it got restarted as BlueFun: a new esoteric programming language (which is, somehow, turing complete) and to keep the legacy, all projects are called “bundles” :​)

The front-end and back-end are proudly hosted on glitch, and the styling kinda matches! Here’s the BlueFun article for anyone interested.


Interesting! Is the code being rendered in the browser or server side?

The interpreter is ran client-side.

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The project seems cool, but I am getting an “Internal Server Error” error when trying to publish a bundle or when visiting the homepage.

Whoops! It seems that there are some issues with the database. I’ll try to fix it soon :disappointed:

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Everything should start working now :slight_smile:

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