<body class="container">

I have started a layout using grid-grail by Jo Franchetti of this wonderful site. I would like to add a navigation menu using navbar-static-top from http://vadikom.github.io/smartmenus/src/demo/bootstrap-4-navbar-static-top.html.

My page at http://stpaulmemphis.church/grid-grail.htm is OK but when I add the code for navbar-static-top I need to change to just and add

after it and
at the bottom of my page. Doing so breaks the layout even before I add navbar-static-top code. A separate test page shows the menu displays and works just fine.

I noticed also if I change the word “container” in and the corresponding CSS to something else, the page breaks. It has to be “container” for the page to display correctly.

My question is how can I modify grid-grail by Jo Franchetti to allow me to add the navbar-static-top code without the page breaking? It also needs to work on mobile devices.

I just noticed that you do not have bootstrap linked on your site.