Boost and Tools icon keeps spinning

The software is running because I see a console log entry but the Boost button icon on this particular boosted app (a Discord bot) keeps spinning like it is loading something. The Tools icon does the same just spinning all the time. Any ideas what may be causing that?

Hi @tleylan - your project will perpetually “spin” if it’s not listening to the web server port. This shouldn’t affect the way your app works, but if you find it distracting, have your app listen to port 3000 and it should stop the spinning.

Interesting :slight_smile: The project is a Discord bot so I don’t believe I can change the port number. Seemingly I could add a dummy Node server to listen to 3000. It doesn’t seem to affect the bot working but I could imagine a “web presence” wouldn’t be a horrible thing if that worked.

Hi Jenn, Just a quick “thanks”. I actually like the final solution. I have a little node server within the bot project that a) stops the spinning and b) provides some added functionality. This is fun!