Boosted Apps Aren't Un-boosted When They're Deleted

I deleted a couple of boosted projects, but they still count towards my boosted total. Even though the website says I have 3/5 apps boosted, when I try to add another one, it says that I can’t boost more than 5 apps. (I deleted 2 boosted apps.) If someone could unboost the deleted app, or tell me which ones are boosted, that would be extremely helpful.


I’ll notify @glitch_support!

Hey @edwrddd, sorry about that!

It looks like when a boosted app is deleted, it doesn’t automatically remove itself from the Boosted Apps collection — that’s why it’s failing when you try to boost a new app.

As a workaround, undelete the projects and remove them first from the Boosted Apps collection, and then delete them:

  1. Go to your Glitch profile and scroll all the way down to your Deleted Projects and click the Show button.
  2. Undelete the boosted projects you deleted, to put them back in the Boosted Apps collection.
  3. Go to your Boosted Apps collection (you can follow the “Boosted Apps” link at the top of your profile page to get there).
  4. Remove the projects(s) you want to delete from the Boosted Apps collection.
  5. Delete the project.

Thanks for reporting this! I’ve notified the team.

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