Boosted Apps Randomly Fall Asleep


A recently boosted app of mine (click me) randomly goes offline for no apparent reason. Every once-in-a-while I have to ping the project page to bring it back awake. Is there a reason for this??


There is some problems currently with glitch.
I am also having this problem!

I am aware that Glitch is experiencing issues, but my project is falling asleep, not experiencing runtime errors. It wakes up whenever I ping it, which shouldn’t happen if it’s caught up in the downtime.

Look at this post.
It was published today.

I read it already…

Then, ReRead it.
Especially the 3rd paragraph

You’re misunderstanding me. My BOOSTED app is falling asleep (even though it has “ALWAYS ON” enabled). If the project was hit by an error, it would not come back online instantly when I open the page in a window.

That is odd… Maybe try contacting


happens to me too… boosted apps fall asleep (and currently dont wake up at all)

The same project went to sleep today for 12 hours. I’m not exactly sure what’s up but I’d like answers. Yes, I know Glitch is down but that’s still no excuse to SLEEPING boosted apps.