Boosted/free plan reset schedule/notify with UptimeBot?

spec for Boosted Apps but should I run UptimeBot?

using node-cron on free/boosted…

… based off my searches, it did not work on free plans.
I’m currently on a free plan and I am also using node-scheduler and it is working perfectly fine for
Theoretically it would only work on a free plan provided the scheduled job happens to take place within 5 minutes of a HTTP request (so the container happened to already be awake) or the free project is being kept active 24/7 by something like UptimeRobot.

right so the server that’s BoostedTM would stay up and this would mitigate reboot adjust?


No eventually the server will restart (is that scheduled for Boosted apps?)


How do I check the reset schedule or to track/get-notify when it is reset?

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