Boosted Node Script Not Working After Close?


I have a very simple Node script that polls a Notion API, checks for a record change, and then sends out a notification email. It all works fine when I run node index.js from the terminal.

I now want to keep that script running. I boosted my project and ran nohup node index.js
However, it doesn’t appear that the script kept working. See the video below.

I’m also not sure how to kill the node process that’s running – how do I do that? kill -9 <process id> doesn’t seem to work and neither does refresh.

Thank you in advance.

Warm Regards,

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Hi @Brendan_Florez - sorry you’re running into this! Can you email with the link to this thread and also the name of the project you’re working on so we can take a closer look?

And…I’ve been told you likely wrote in already so I’m going to find that ticket and reach out to you there!


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