Boosted Sites Slow Load

My boosted website has slowed down loading to almost a stop, I have not updated or changed any code lately that would have caused this and it is happening with all my boosted sites, the page takes almost 2 mins to load the page when just yesterday it only took seconds, whats going on?

There was an outage today, maybe try again since there was a temporary fix

I’ve tried after the fix multiple times on multiple browsers with clean cache.

Email or try again tomorrow.

I am asking for support here currently from the Glitch team and will email them if I do not get a response thanks.

Actually, you should make it so that when you get a script/style from a url, make sure that you add defer to it so it loads while the rest of the content does its thing. Or put them outside of <head>

The glitch team does their thing but after 6 pm their support go do their own stuff, and it’s 4 pm in my time sooo…

Thanks for the suggestion however I have always had this script this way and both apps are boosted and should always be active negating the need for defer. I’ll try it and see if it helps but don’t see how it would have stopped working from one day to the next.

You could also check for a status check for Glitch

And remember

Yes everything currently is up and operational according to the Glitch satus

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I have plenty of availability for my apps as a boosted user and am not close to the limit.

If you want support you will need to contact, they won’t respond here on the forum.

I will indeed email them if I do not get a response, but have before and can see admins do respond to support issues here via other support issue responses, thanks again for the suggestion.

Sounds good, I should just give you the heads up that staff have stated they will not respond here.

That’s not what it says it says “While our engineers regularly review and occasionally participate in the forum, we do not guarantee that we will respond to pings here. If you want to be sure that you get a response from Glitch Support, please send us a support request.” and this is what I am doing.
They won’t respond and can’t guarantee a response are not the same thing I understand how forms work in general and will send a support request if I do not get a response. :slight_smile:

They did say, though that they do not respond to pings here.

It says and I quote “we do not guarantee that we will respond to pings here” how do you not understand what a guarantee is exactly? Anyways I’m not arguing semantics with you I’ll just wait here and send a email and update this with the correct answer if need be.

you may or may not of be right. they might or may not come on the forum. But just keep in of your mind that more people email support and those of who do so get faster support then just waiting for support to come on the forum.

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im a little of new to forum (2 month new) and I haven’t seen 1 post from a glitch of engineer except the tasha and Jenn.

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