BootNative, the CSS framework made for redefine Bootstrap

Project URL:
GitHub repository: GitHub - Stylix58/bootnative: A CSS framework made for redefine Bootstrap.

BootNative is a CSS framework made for redefine Bootstrap (yes, he don’t really redefine Bootstrap but I have simply made my framework have some “Bootstraping” design…).


There are only 3 things, a button, and emoji, and a codeblock.

You can’t recruit people here!

Also using !important is really frowned against, most likely you’re going to want to take advantage of the order css selectors work in more.


The code blocks aren’t mobile friendly

what’s wrong with this mobile view?

oh yeah, the overlapping. that part’s not desktop friendly either :grimacing:

i have fixed it

It looked fine to me, then again I do have a 15.6" laptop screen

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