Bootstrap dashboard, now with live chat and other things

the reason this isn’t in the gallery is because it doesn’t really help people, it’s just a bootstrap dashboard with a VPS status page and live chat through an iframe. Nothing much.

It uses the glitch badge generator to check statuses, and W3CSS/JS for styling and dark mode. It is still a work in progress…

‘PWS’ is a name belonging to ProTech Web Services and IT Solutions


thanks @khalby786!

For moving this post to #the-gallery? :grinning:

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well, idk.

Just for seeing it suppose, now i know i actually posted it :smiley:

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This looks pretty good! How did you get the glitch project uptime?

@RiversideRocks I used the Badge Generator for Your Glitch Apps to get uptime info, it saves using node AND uptimerobot.

It is remarkably accurate, it told me there was significant downtime

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