Bot cannot be online after git gc command

Today my bot closed to limit of disc capacity. And system gave me Warning with pink color. I opened terminal and wrote “reflesh” but it wasn’t fixed. Then I wrote “git prune” and “git gc”. After “git gc” disc capacity decreased but now bot is not going to online. When I want to write “reflesh” in terminal, I am taking error as “-su: reflesh: command not found”.

Please help me about my problem. What can I do now?

Thank you

Hello. For refreshing, Execute refresh not reflesh.

If you want start your bots, Check your package.json and make sure it’s have start script.

Thank you for your warning about refresh.
I checked package.json. There is start script. Actually until yesterday bot was working very well. After git gc command it cannot be online in Discord Guild.

Any error?

There is not any error. App Status is Ok. Really I cannot understand what is problem.

If the error is your bot isn’t Online, It can cause You’re bot is Logged in 10+ Time/You’re got Rate Limited. All you can do is Wait it Online. Atleast 2-3 hour.

As I said, when I wake up in this morning, I saw disc capacity warning and I commanded “git gc” in thermal. But bot is still not online. Ok let me wait a few hours and see the situation.

Read this Post:

I made it but I didn’t face HTTP 429. Really I cannot understand what is problem. It is so interesting.

Do you have any errors in the logs?

I dont have any error log. Everything looks very well. But bot still offline in guild

Can you show the results of when you ran
curl -I

Bot became online 10 minutes ago. Thank you for your helps.