Bot doesnt connect to discord anymore

My Bot doesnt connect to discord no error message I dont know what going on can someone take a look pls? My other project with the same code works just fine. Tokens are valid on both no idea what is wrong.

Changed the Token to a wrong one and same result so the process is not working at all? I dont get any notifications…

Can you give your project name so we can watch the code?

It is your bot.js (main file whatever you named) in your package.json

"main": "main.js",


Its now working again but it didnt a few hours ago. I didnt change anything it just simply didnt connect anymore, nothing has changed in code. My other Bot was working just fine with the same lines of code…

Hey @JaielSoft we did have a few banned hosts yesterday which I recycled. I wonder if your bot was on one of those.

the bot worked fine it just could not connect to discord

Which is exactly what would happen if it were running on a banned host. Are you still having problems?

@cori So I cannot connect to Discord yet again for some reason…Is there any problem with my account? My other Project has no problems in that regard

Hey @JaielSoft please see Active Discord Issues - Solution In Progress. This should be resolved now, but please let us know if you’re still having problems!