Bot Goes Offline

How do i fix my Bot Going Offline when i close tab even when i have uptimerobot on?

Can you show a screenshot of your uptime robot configuration please.

the URL (or IP) has to be your projects link. e.g

i entered my project name into the template u gave me and it lead me to glitch dreams

That means that you have not changed the default site that glitch uses when creating a project, but if you get a response at all when you put your project name on the template I gave, then that means the link works like it should, and putting it in your uptime robot configuration will keep your project on, and your bot will not go offline 5 minutes after you closed the tab. For your information, all projects do restart every 12 hours, so if you have a command or something that checks your bots uptime, it will never be higher than 12 hours.

I hope this has helped at all!
Happy glitching!

And how do i change the default site

Can you help us understand what you mean by

so we can give you the best answer?

What you’ll need to do is different if you mean “how to I update the existing default site to do what I want” vs “how do I make the project use a different page as the default site”.

Generally speaking though, if you’re seeing the Dreams page then you’re using Express so you’ll want to either update the html file your config is using to show what you want or change what file or process Express is using to show the “default” page. The Express docs are a pretty good place to start.