Bot is not connecting to the server

I’m a front-end developer who codes for Pokemon showdown

Recently when glitch was down the bot was not connecting to the server, I waited for glitch to be fixed and now glitch works fine, but the bot is still not connecting to the server.

Its logs this error

Error: Server responded with a non-101 status: 502 Bad Gateway
Response Headers Follow:
server: awselb/2.0
content-type: text/html
content-length: 138
connection: keep-alive

Does someone know what can I do to solve it?
This only happens with glitch hosted servers

Thats, odd, could you try again later? This seems like an error on Glitch’s or Discords side.

I’m trying from past 2 weeks

Can you try running curl -I in the console?

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First of all, it is not a discord bot. It is a bot for Pokemon Showdown

What framework does it use?

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Could you check the status of the Pokemon servers?

The bot won’t connect to glitch hosted servers, it is connecting to servers hosted with other services