Bot is offline even after running node

In the middle of programming a command for my bot, my bot just randomly stopped responding to my commands. Few minutes later my bot went offline.

I’ve tried many things from resetting my token to running enable-pnpm in the terminal but nothing seems to work.

Glitch puts express projects in sleep mode after 5minutes. You can keep your show link ( on background so it will stay on.

will this fix the problem?

If you dont have any errors in logs it will

Don’t. try to keep it up. It will shutdown the project

yes glitch don’t run inacivs project you must do something like add a letter every “x” time there is solutions but there are not officials so I don’t gonna show you but even whit illegals options your project will not be active forever but idk if there is other solutions for now that keep active your project but if there is make shure to save your code becose glitch will maybe delete your project for that. and don’t forget the 1000 hours of activs projects

That I not what I mean. It will be banned if you try to keep it up.