Bot made with DBM don't go online with UptimeRobot

That’s my project, I got support by Almeida in DBM (discord bot maker). And she fixed all errors.
Now, the bot don’t have any errors, but it’s never online.
I’ve fixed uptimerobot for the project, in uptimerobot’s website it says the bot is up and running.
But it’s not.

Please remove your projects link from the above message, or make your project private as your token is public!

I will change the token, so that’s fine.

Anyone help?
I haven’t got much time thought.

Tried this tool:

And get these results.

Hey @lillishaj, I couldn’t access your project at the link you provided but I was able to extract your project name from one of the screenshots you provided, and it looks like there have been errors, including an Incorrect login details were provided. error, which would definitely prevent your bot from logging in, but that was a few hours ago and it seems like it’s able to start now.

From everything I can see there’s nothing wrong with the Glitch project itself. I’m not sure what could be causing it to fail to go offline, but if the Glitch project itself is running (which it certainly seems to be) beyond that is out of our wheelhouse for the most part.

That said, I invited your bot to a test server of mine, and messed around with your project’s code to trigger some restarts and see the bot come online and then drop offline. During that timespan nothing is happening to the Glitch project as far as I can tell, so I think there must still be a problem with the code in some fashion. I’d suggest adding some event handlers to the bot for things like the disconnect and error events to see if something’s going on under the covers.

Sorry we can’t be of more assistance!

I am sure the project should get online when anyone enter the Project name’s Domain. But It doesn’t. (This is what I need help with)

I played around and tried with other projects, but I faced same problems. That’s why I removed the token from the project.
(I contacted Almeida at DBM Support today and waiting for support by them)

If your UptimeRobot is showing the project as up without anyone being in the Editor then your project is running fine.

What I observed was that when I made a minor change (removing and readding a comma from package.json, for example) the project would restart, the bot would go online, and the would drop off-line again a few minutes later, regardless if I was in the Editor or not. Once the bot was offline I’d have to trigger another restart to get the bot to be online again.

That tells me that something’s happening in your bot’s code that makes it drop offline while there have been no other changes to the Glitch project. Restarting the project (i.e. by editing something) makes the bot’s startup logic run again and gets the bot online again for a little while until whatever’s occuring happens again. To further prove that out I just jumped into the Editor again and nothing happened, bot-wise, but as soon as I edited something (making the project restart) the bot came online again. After about 3 minutes, with me in the Editor the whole time, the bot dropped offline again - that’s too short a time for Glitch to have stopped it, so something internal is going on.

Another way you can test this would be to change your UptimeRobot’s ping time to 15 minutes or so and close any windows open to the project’s Editor. If your bot then comes online every 15 minutes that will further confirm what I’m saying - when the project starts the bot comes online and then something (not Glitch-related as far as I can tell) makes it drop off. When you have your UptimeRobot’s ping period set to 5 minutes the project never restarts (which is the point, after all).

My truly-uneducated guess is that one of your bot’s commands is throwing some sort of error that’s being swallowed by the bot’s code so it never shows up in the Glitch logs. One thing you could do to troubleshoot that is to add some logging to every command and see if any of them force the bot to drop offline.