Bot not Responding - Now Offline Constantly (toxic-unity)

Hi all,
Recently my discord bot had been taking awhile to shutdown, and when I woke up today no commands work when the bots online, and now it just stays offline constantly.
Any Help is appreciated,

Hey, could you check your project console to see if you have any errors?

Hi @milo , nothing appears in console at all - i can send an invite link to the project if required as its private

Hi again @milo ,
Forgot to mention the bot is back online again.
After some testing, I’ve found that the bot fails after the help command and freezes - creating the issue (Still no errors however).
And when the bot restarts afterwards, all functions are gone

i think its an infinite loop -> but im confused to why its affects proceeded after a reboot

Have you checked all your functions, to see if an infinite loop occurs, you can add console.log(‘some text’) in them to see if your console outputs anything. You have mentioned you think your help command is the problem, if it’s not too long, maybe consider rewriting it, you can send me an invite link if you wish I check it!

make sure that there is a


in the main message event
so that it does not do an infinite loop, when someone types something

If you send me an invite to your project, I can help you find the error and hopefully solve it!

@J-Tech-Foundationalready have that - thanks tho

did you try resetting all databases,

that could help if you run the standard glitch commands to prune all data

@J-Tech-Foundation i dont have any stored data (im aware of) - ill DM u a invite link