Bot not sending messages but not any errors either (resource-calc)

Hello everyone! i’m working on a resource calculator and recently my bot has just stopped responding and is not sending out any errors either, that’s literally all i know. No errors, no messages, nothing. Just pure silence.

The name of my project is on the title.
Thanks in advance!

Fix your line 43 with this

const command = args.shift().toLowerCase().slice(process.env.PREFIX.length);

.slice(prefix.length) will take out your prefix of your command variable.

Your command variable is saving !calc not calc as I think you want. (If your prefix is !)

Thanks! Don’t know if it works yet due to the throttle, but i’ll tell you in a few minutes.

Yup! It’s worked. Just had to change it a little because i forgot arrays started at 0 (How long will it take me to learn this??) but it should be done and dusted in a few minutes. Thanks so much!

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