Bot not showing up into the server

after redirect my dicord bot is not showing up on the server and i am getting
I want the bot to be admin since i want to use all the privileges.

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You dont need to add a scope in your project to give the bot permissions

now it shows no scope declared

You dont need a login to give your bot admin

Still no luck :frowning: normal bot is created easily but admin isn’t.

When I add uri it says the error that I have posted, and when I don’t it says missing redirect_uri
I want to add bot with all the permissions
Which URI should I include :slightly_frowning_face: how to use local host, which addresses should I type, would still the bot work ?(with local host)?

You DONT need ANY logins in your site. If you want your bot to be invited with admin use this link and paste it in your browser

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and a bot can be hosted anywhere.

Lol i love how every 3rd post here is about discord bots


I tried that it says requires code, then when i fixed it it again said missing redirect uri and when i tried without logging in it says that i should login

Are you just trying to invite it to your server? If so, then do this

Just change the numbers with, well, your bots client ID. permissions=8 should give your bot admin when you add it, and you can always edit the numbers/change your bot’s perms after you add it

Edit: Looks like the link embedded, forgot about that. It’s

Same error it requires code grant

just paste it into your browser, you dont need to make a login as you were doing

when i tried without logging in it says that i should login without showing anyting


Is your bot online? Is there any errors in console?

when i do it normally i.e. without admin privileges and using redirect URI as this it shows this at the end but i could still not see the bot

you need to use the discord one…

Tried that already
After everthing it says it requires code grant and when given it asks for redirect URI

What’s your bots ID?

Fixed it, it was my mistake I had require oauth2 turned on :sweat_smile: