Bot not shutting down

I launched my bot but now I can’t turn it off. I tried Ctrl + C and refresh. I think it has something to do with that somehow the console quit. And when I go in again it is already started. Not in the console its just that it never turns off.

Projects are kept awake by activity like http requests. Is your bot repeatedly calling or receiving requests?

No it’s not. I left it for over an hour still nothing happend.

EDIT: I just realized it is. I can’t turn that off because it’s auto assigning roles but it can’t turn it off when its on.

Hi @jonasjac,

If you want to stop your app, replace the start script in your package.json with a different command, like "echo 'temporary stop'; sleep 1000".

When you’re ready to restart your app, you can put the original start command back.

Let us know if this worked for you :slight_smile:

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Wait what’s the start command in the package.json called?

Edit: I searched it up. I dont have a start line in my package.json? I don’t know why

Edit once again: I added the command and it did nothing. @etamponi got any ideas?

Can you tell us your project name? And if it is private, either make it public or send us a join link through a Direct Message here in the forum

@etamponi Is there any way to kill a project? I think thats the only way to fix it
Through restarting the project

EDIT: Just deleted it lets see if that does anything.