Bot stalling until app is restarted or code is refreshed

So I rewrote my discord bot called SCP 079 SCP-079 | Discord Bots |

Worked perfectly up until it got into 160+ servers.
Now whenever I go to use the command nothing happens until after I view the code and wait a moment then all the commands fire off at once as if it queued them.

I pay Glitch to boost my app and discord says the bot never goes offline.

I wonder if anyone else encountered this issue?

I can’t answer your question but congrats on 160+ servers using your bot. Are you using Discord.Js and I assume the latest version? Could it be a timing/threads issue related to the number of simultaneous connections?

Is it throwing any errors or warnings? The only thing I can think of is that someone got in SCP-079’s containment chamber and connected it to the network.

Either that or maybe your code is eating a lot of your memory/CPU