Bot status changing , Streaming

Hi I would like to make my bot’s status change , for example Streaming Prefix “+” to Streaming Incarius Community etc but I don’t know how to make the streaming prefix so I don’t know how to make it change, someone help please

In the package.json it says “discord.js”: “^12.1.1”

to change status to streaming
client.user.setActivity(“Your text here”, { type: “STREAMING” });

you can change client to what you defined Discord.Client() as
You can change the STREAMING to WATCHING etc. to do different statuses also

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If you mean how to make the status change every now or then, here you go.

let watching = [

     `Your Text`,
    `Your Text`

setInterval(function() {
    let watchinging = watching[Math.floor(Math.random() * watching.length)];
    bot.user.setActivity(watchinging, {type: "Watching"});

}, 7000)

I don’t get where to put the code?.. someone help? also on the video to make a discord bot with glitch at 1:48 said to create the bot monitor but i could not find that green button. any help?