Bot Storage Space issue

Hey my Discord Bot was not able to start up because the space was full. I tried doing git gc and git prune to free space. However it would not do that and instead, my console would get spammed with a series of messages. I tried fixing this for hours. My project name is: botnatediscord2019js

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Hello @NTMNathan

Can you please provide your projects name so a glitch staff member can provide your project with temporary space so you can use git gc and git prune!

(Yes, sorry did not see it in above message before now!)

Stated it above ^^ but it is:

Project Name: botnatediscord2019js

Hey @NTMNathan, welcome to the Glitch forum!

I’ve temporarily increased your project’s disk space to enable you to resolve this issue. Please take a minute to look at it within the next 24 hours.

Hope this helps!

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Thank you, will do. :+1:

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I have gone and helped you fix this problem, everything should be ok now, you are left with 41 mb used space. If you ever need our help again then make sure to come back anytime and we will help you the best we can!

(6 MB used storage now!)

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Really nice stuff. Thanks again!!!

I’ve ran into another issue again, its the “Could not locate the bindings file. Tried:”

Is there a way to fix this? Thanks

Update: Got it fixed.