Bot stuck, can't close it via console

I’m currently learning JavaScript and I’m creating my own Discord bot to kinda practice and experiment a little. Well it seems that my bot is stuck after starting it via the console I can’t seem to stop it. CTRL + C doesn’t do anything.

The bot or rather the project in question is called poison-trail.

You could run refresh from the console to force a restart - that should stop it.

The problem is that I can’t access the console. I started the bot via node <main.js> and eventually while my bot was running I got an error parse error: Invalid numeric literal at line 9, column 5. The error prevents me from using the console.

Closing and re-opening the console would seem to get around that, as would opening the console in another tab (copy and paste the URL from the console browser window).

Nope, re-opening the console does not work. It doesn’t matter if its in another tab or with a different browser. Same error message and the console is still stuck (or rather the console doesn’t accept my input).

Since your project is private, either make it public or DM me a join link so that I can take a look. Thanks.

I made it public. Thanks for the fast reply(s).

The error is in your package.json file, it’s not caused by running your bot from the console. You can’t have commented out lines in a package.json file, so remove the commented out line on line 9:!/poison-trail?path=package.json:9:3

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Wow, I honestly did not see/know that, stupid amateur mistake. Thanks a lot and have a nice day.