Bot take 6 hours to log

i was making a discord bot while randomly it break but without errors it just don t log anymore

so i tried to debug and this is what happened
so i made it in hours and its around 6hours

too many requests. Use watch.json to reduce the request size and wait 5~6 hours so you can use the API again. If this issue persists ask a staff (cori probably) to change your host

im kinda new to Js but can you explain me what is watch.json

it’s a file that decides when your projects restarts. You can configure it to restart the project only when you click a javascript link in your bookmarks

ohh ok im gonna check so do i just search on google how to do it i download a package or i only add a file called watch.json?

create a file called watch.json with the following code inside:

  "install": {
    "include": [
  "throttle": 100

next, create an empty file with .trigger-rebuild as its name

now, create a bookmark with the following code:

Bookmark Code

(javascript:(function() { var currFile = application.selectedFile(); var triggerFile = application.files().filter(function (file) { return file.path() === “.trigger-rebuild”; })[0]; if (!triggerFile) { alert(“Please create a file named ‘.trigger-rebuild’.”); return; } application.writeToFile(triggerFile, “restart-” +;})())

The project now should only restart when you click the bookmark (the current tab must be the editor of the project)


sorry im kinda dumb but how i add a bookmark?

are you using Chrome?

yeah im using chorme

right-click the bookmark -> add page -> fill name (glitch restart or whatever) -> fill url (the Bookmark Code) -> save (select the right folder tho)

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it say not valid url

my bad, add javascript: before the code :slight_smile:

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okay added so now if i click it the project restart right?
also does it still update for everything i add like before or every time i update i must click that button?

it automatically saves. It just doesn’t restart the project.

that means, the code will be saved, and will only be applied the next time you restart the project (bookmark)

ohh okay so now i should just wait?

yes, you have to wait for the un-ban :confused:

thanks for the help.

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no problem. You can mark it as a solution if it helped :slight_smile:

@ItsYanko sorry to bother you now but its been a while since this bug accoured and now how do i even start the bot? before everytime i update it atleast send “listening on port 3000” but now nothing
and your thing just ping it like uptime robot

nevermind its back now idk im just stupid but how do i update the code i mean how do i like restart the bot? becouse you code thing just send a ping like uptimerobot every 5mins