Bot token not working

sooooo i made a bot and it is working but offline.

Welcome to the Glitch Support Community @BrAnDgRaNdReAl!

Can you send me an invite to your project or send your bot’s code to identify the problem?

From a Discord Bot Developer and Glitch User,

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will do here is invite me is invite!

Hey @BrAnDgRaNdReAl, welcome to the Glitch forum from me as well!

I removed the join token from your message since you have your bot’s token in a file that folks who join using it would be able to see (and posting the join token here means the entire internet could see that file and your bot’s token, so I figured better safe than sorry). If you want to be able to invite folks without them seeing your bot’s token you could move that to your .env file and change your bot’s login to use something like


For your specific problem from the error messages in the logs it looks like maybe you have a typo in the token itself?

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