Bots turned off for no reason


Recently I noticed that my 2 Discord bots are turned off, I checked the console of both and no error appears. I have tried to do a “refresh” in the console and start everything correctly, but in Discord they keep appearing disconnected and do not react to any type of command.

Why is this happening?

Thanks in advance.

If you get the “Something took too long to do” error, please go here

" I checked the console of both and no error appears."

Most Discord bots hosted on glitch right now will be down due to banned hosts.

The “something took too long to do” error will not appear immediately. It will after a few minutes. If it does, make sure to check out the thread I linked above.

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Yep, all of my discord bots are down too. I’ve alerted folks here to the problem.

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My bot is down, and no errors.

Hi everyone! We are currently dealing with an issue across Discord bots running on Glitch. Please see this thread for updates as we work on a fix: Active Discord Issues - Solution In Progress. Thank you for your patience!

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