Bottom Scroll Bar

The scroll bar at the bottom of my screen is no longer. It’s kinda hard to work with long lines. Is it just me/can I enable it again?


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Hey @EdwardRBLX can you tell me what browser and operating system you’re using so I can verify what you’re seeing? Also can you let me know what your preference for Wrap Text (in the project name menu) is?

Hi @cori, I can reproduce this.
Browser: Opera
Os: Windows 10
Wrap Text: Unchecked

I can reproduce
Chrome whatever the latest stable is
Windows 10 whatever is latest
Wrap Text: unchecked

Sorry for the lack of info, I’m not at my PC right now xD

Yep, we’ve got an issue logged for it, thanks!

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i also reproduce.
Chrome (latest)
Windows 7
No wrap text

What’s the status on this? It’s very hard to have to use the arrow keys to navigate the editor.

Hey folks we think we have a fix for this but it’s still being tested. Hopefully we’ll be able to get it out soon!

Sorry for the hassle!

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Hey y’all this fix should be available in the Editor now. If you don’t see it, please refresh your Editor window and if you continue not to see it let us know your browser and OS.