Bring Back Minimize Preview in the same Window

I really miss the Minimize Preview in the same webpage option that Glitch used to offer.

Now, the options are either to completely close the Preview (and if you choose this and reopen it, it’ll restart from the very beginning, not wherever you left off) or to see it in another window.
I was just wondering if it was still an option and I’ve somehow been missing it, or if it can be brought back as a feature.

Thank you in advance.

Hi @Socks!

If I’m understanding correctly you’d like to be able to close and open the preview while maintaining its session info? Would you mind sharing a little more detail about what types of workflow this would help you for, e.g. is it just so you’re on the same page when you reopen or are there other states / info you’d find it helpful to persist? Any detail you can share re the types of project / process you’re looking to support would be v useful.

Cheers :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi there!
Yes, I would like to be able to close and open the preview while maintaining its session information.
I typically use Glitch for HTML/CSS website building, and it was useful to be able to continue to hear audio from the website as it was minimised on the same page as I was using to build the website itself.
Whenever I clicked to open it again in the same window, it would be right where I left off, for example, on the 3rd page of the website, midway through with the audio still working, instead of reloading the website, stopping the audio, and opening it on the home page.

Thank you so much for your time.

Thanks for the extra context!