Bring Back The "Ask For Help" Feature!

I recently Heard the Ask for Help feature Was decapated (can’t Spell)
Bring it Back I went to Go use it Today But it was Gone!
It allowed Users To Do Stuff and Help This community Grow and Allow Creations to Come to Life Many of Us are Beginners and Need That Help

You can still ask for help through the forums.


As @khalby786 said, the better way to ask for help now is through the forum, there will be more eyes looking at your problem at once. If you find someone you trust to help you with your issue you can just dm them an invite link :wink:


I Don’t Visit the fourms as much That feature Made it Easy to Ask for Help

I also just feel that the ask for help feature could be easily taken off site. Once I was asked to help these people build a website, and then they wanted me to join them on discord. Not a big fan of that.


Yeah. I think you can trust people more on the fourm, instead of random people editing your project.


But I actually Had More Help Using that Feature then On The Actual Forums Here And I Used it multiple Times and 3 Times it helped me Compared to 1 Time the Forums Helped me
It Did Not Require Much Work to Use
And it needed some work Where Privacy Was concerned But that was It

Edit: The Sentence did not make sense so i edited it

Edit 2: i Actually Had an Idea Related to This Feature
That could Make it So The Forums are not the Main Place for Help
I will Link it Here