Bring back the old folder creation!

Before the new filetree update, when you were in a folder, and you wanted to create a file, it would autocomplete the folder name.

You have a folder public/ and you create a file while you are in public/index.html. Glitch would automatically enter public/ into the file creation textbox.

Glitch does not do this anymore :frowning:


Ye, It annoys me too, would like if they made it, when you are in a folder and create a new file, it adds the folder name to the start automatically

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i want the current way kept, the old autofill was so annoying, it was not even funny, i put in the wrong file paths half the time, but now i don’t, if you wanna try to make the old way come back… go ahead, but a lot of people will be angry/laughing.

It could be toggleable.

Hey y’all I’m moving this to Feature Ideas so we can get a sense of how important this is to folks.