Bring back VS code extension

Glitch, I’m sorry to break it to you, but your editor is awful, it doesn’t bring to the table what Vs code does, You should have waited until your Ide is somewhat decent, auto-complete would be a start, customizable themes, and a more support on other languages!

Bring back VS code, or create an app similar, not a website!

I’d also like to mention, if for what ever stupid reason you dont bring it back, ill just us Vs code and copy and paste the code i write in there into glitch, which will create more of a hastle than before!

I’d love to bring this back, you have my vote.

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Thankyou, I appreciate the vote!

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It’s more a web app editor, not really an IDE, and it’s a bit rude to Glitch’s editor awful. And they work on it daily to make it better, so be a bit nicer please. Maybe make some #feature-ideas for stuff like themes, support for more languages, etc.

Everybody has their own preferences with code editors and that’s okay, Glitch is free to use and nobody is forcing you to use it if you don’t like it.

I too am a huge VS Code fan but I never used the Glitch VS Code extension. From the sound of your post you could use Glitch’s built-in git support in your workflow:

Pushing from VS Code directly to the live Glitch app is the only way I’ve ever worked with Glitch, I highly recommend giving it a try.


It’s not rude. It’s criticism, its the only way to get better. If i lie it would be worse for them.


Well it depends on your culture, where your from, etc. Some people could consider it rude if you call it awful and some people might not.

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I mean, its his opinion, you can’t argue with that.

But you can argue with the way he expresses it

I do understand the frustration and appreciate your feedback – I really liked the VS Code extension as well – but, the reason is informed, not stupid. With the changes we are making to the editor, we risked breaking the extension while it was in active use, which is why we phased it out over the last month or so. We don’t have plans to bring it back, but that’s not to say plans won’t change. In the meantime, we would love to hear what you think would consider our web editor decent.


I’d like it to be like vs code, also it would be better if you made an app instead of using the website.

That’s not really specific as saying “like VS code” could mean anything, the layout, custom plugins, etc.

Well, i mean LIKE vs code, everything about it. I dont need to be specific when im speaking about the entire program itself.

Well Glitch isn’t gonna redo their entire editor because people have been using the same editor for like 5 years

The main two features I’m missing are, InteliSense which is autocomplete that at least tries to help even when it has no idea what the type of your object you are using is, and also a wide selection of themes, since I find myself changing themes in vscode frequently. The purple-ish color from the dark theme for glitch is kind of uncomfortable, and I’ve found I seem slightly more productive when I use the light theme which feels more clean.

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