Bringing Back the Member Homepage

Honestly, I really miss the old homepage with all of those random drawings and that thing where you help others.

I also miss the old templates and stuff.

Would there ever be a new homepage for us instead of just instantly bringing us to a dashboard now? I honestly really miss an actual homepage like that, it just felt like it was better for the community.

Will there ever be a new homepage in the future like the old one? It’s not that fun with a boring dashboard with your projects.

I would love this!


Same! I miss the old homepage too! Feeling like it’s too friendly for me since that time :^)


I love this idea! I would really love a community homepage where anyone can contribute and data is stored in a GitHub repo (like a few yaml files) and anyone can contribute to them, like showcasing projects.


Poll for this who don’t have any more votes:

  • This is a good idea
  • This is not a good idea

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Anil Dash (The Glitch CEO) says the team is open to bringing back the homepage.

If folks like being able to find things that way, I’m sure we’ll bring it back

Source: anildash on Hacker News


To be clear, I mean we’ll bring back some of those aspects of discovery, not the whole old homepage. :slight_smile: But yes! We’re always listening to which things folks like about past or present versions of the site.