Broken package search, cannot find packages on top even when adding full name

I am having issue with package search dropdown on package.json page.
When I type even full project name, it will bring projects which are not related to my search.
For example, if I publish a new package on, it will show on top at at least when I add the exact package name in search.

But, its not the same case at Glitch. Although its showing some packages for me at 3rd-4th positions, the list is not even scrollable. Most of the times, I have to go to itself and find the latest version I published and add it manually to the package.json dependencies. I am sure you are sorting those packages by popularity or number of downloads. But, this gets new packages nowhere. I think you should show exact package name match on top.

Its not a big issue as I can write the package name in dependencies myself, but a single click will be much helpful.


Hi @rehmat, sorry for the bother!

We rely on a service called for package search, so it’s not that surprising to me that the search results differ between what’s on and what you see in Glitch. Does the new package you add show up in the search on page? I’m not sure how they update their packages list, but you might take a look and see if there’s a way to get your package into their list more quickly.