Browser Crashes

Hi there,

Since today I got the issue that my browser will instantly crash and that I’m not able to edit my files.

Hi @PogTwix I’m not quite sure what you mean when you say

Can you give us a little more information? Maybe a screenshot of what you’re seeing or a description of what you were doing when this happened. Knowing your browser and operating system versions might also help.

Perhaps you just mean that you can’t get into your project to edit your files. If so, if you could provide us with your project name that would help.

Well… I see like everything. But it’s totally frozen. I can’t press buttons and edit anything. It doesn’t work for PC either. It will just instantly crash. I noticed that it worked on an other Network. But it’s just weird that it doesn’t work anymore.

Can you let us know the project name so we can take a closer look?

The name is: wedesign-bot

It looks to me like your bot may be being flooded with some sort of requests that are making your project’s container unresponsive. If I look at a remix of your project I can navigate it just fine, so it’s not the code itself that’s the problem, but just trying to connect to your project’s logs hangs my browser. I’m seeing a lot of errors that look like this in the snippet of logs I can see:

Does it make sense that something in that code would be timing out, and that you might have a lot of requests being handled there?

I don’t see this project high in the list of projects receiving many incoming requests, but slow responses would be consistent with a project that’s going over the outgoing request rate-limit. Does that also make sense?

If these things sound reasonable I can suspend the project and give it a few minutes to cool down and the unsuspend it and you might be able to get back into it, but if these are problems in your bot’s functionality then chances are it’s just going to get back to the same spot unless you fix them.

Could you change the name from the file to commands/giveaway.js.backup? That will stop it for now

I’ll do you one better! It looks like your project’s console is still responsive, and you can open it by going to From there you can rename it yourself!

Let us know if you need further assistance!

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