Browser extension - Glitch superpowers for your browser 🎏

Hey folks :wave:

I created a browser extension to make it easier to remix glitch apps, import code from git, or start a fresh project.

You can install it on Chrome or Firefox :fox_face:

All the code is available in the Glitch project :space_invader:

It supports the following Glitch features:
➤ View glitch app details
➤ Remix glitch apps
➤ Generate embed code
➤ Import code from GitHub and GitLab
➤ Start new projects from any page on the web

This is the first time I’m sharing this, so I’m super excited to get your feedback! Let me know what you think, if there are other features you’d want, and if you find any bugs :beetle:



Dude, this is awesome fantastic marvelous and excellent (and all the great words). First of all, I totally like the styling. It’s just so Glitch-y! Also, the fact that you can clone Git repos just by being on the GitHub repo page is totally cool! I’m totally looking forward to trying this project even further! A doubt: How do I generate embed code? And welcome to the Glitch Support Forums with a boom!

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I’ll have to try this!

Seems promising!

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Okay, here’s bug number 1:

Clone from Git repo doesn’t work, at least for me!

But don’t worry, it hasn’t been working in Glitch at all!

Thanks :smile:Yeah, the glitch look is so fun to work in! When you are on a glitch app page there is a button labeled “Embed This App” which will generate the embed code.

Thanks!!! :grinning:

I’ll double-check, but I’m pretty sure that is tied to the Git issue glitch is having in general :sweat_smile:

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@tasha, any updates on the Clone From Git?

That is very cool @avigoldman!

@khalby786, it should be fixed after the New Year’s holiday, once we are at full capacity again.

Thanks all for your patience until then!