Bruh why only this one?

I have 6 projects, and these projects are servers of a game, and they have same code other than the server config. They were working well until earlier today, but now, one of my projects’ editor is not loading. I did nothing before its editor made not to load. What’s happened there? Here’s my major projects’ name:

  • hikidyffathingy (The problem happened in this one. :frowning: ) (2nd oldest)
  • hikidyarrastemplate (1st oldest)
  • pepsiffathingy (3rd oldest)
  • pepsi4tdmthingy (3rd newest)
  • hikidom (2nd newest)
  • hikidyexperimental (newest)
    (Don’t mind about “hikidy” or “pepsi”, it’s some people’s usernames in somewhere)

Also I have an issue with the client side (Project name: hikidy-arras), I think it have a problem with WebSockets. I didn’t change anything before the issue too (actually did something but rewinded).

It seems to be failing at pinging. It always throw a Socket Error.

I think this is solved now.