Bu hatayı nasıl düzeltebilirim


Hi @KORAYGT , welcome!

This doesn’t look like an error, it looks like your project is working as designed, but as the project is private, I can’t see the code.

You probably have a root Express/Fastify handler which returns OK as text with a 200 status?

Can you tell us what you wanted it to do? :slight_smile:

Shouldn’t it look like this?

Merhaba, forumlara hoş geldiniz! Tamam diyorsa proje hazır demektir. Proje linkini paylaşabilir misiniz?

Bana güvence sunar mısın? Botum 8klık bir sunucuda bulunuyor.

Ne demek istediğinden gerçekten emin değilim, sağlayabileceğin projene veya proje adına bir bağlantı var mı?

He gave his project link in the first post, it’s mzp but it’s private.

That screen shows before the project is ready. It looks to me like your project is ready and it’s serving up its / route, which sends back “OK”.

Is it a bot or a website? Can you show us a snippet of your main server.js file?


This is bot.

Bot iyi çalışıyor, inanıyorum. Bot çalışıyorsa “Tamam” der.

Mutlu Glitch! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Ama botum uptime olmuyor 7/24 aktif olması için uptime yapamıyorum

Personally I would switch the order of the startups and start the bot then start the backing website. It may not matter but that’s the way I do it.

You seem to be saying that your bot is not available 24/7. I assume that is because the app is not boosted and in that case it unloads after some amount of inactivity. The minimal sign up cost is very reasonable and that would permit you to “boost” 5 apps. These would never unload and would run all the time.

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With this Discord bot and the show link of the project on Discord, it can be done 24/7 for free but no 24/7 uptime because it says ok.

I do not think you will find that is the case. But what is the error that you think you are seeing. Many of us (myself included) are running Discord bots. They run 24/7 and I have 2 with a backing website (though it isn’t 100% necessary depending upon what your bot does).

The graphic image you reference above says it is waking up the project why would that be necessary if it wasn’t put to sleep?

This is the error I think it should be like this.

I’m confused. It is like that isn’t it? If you go to the site don’t you see that page?

No,I only see the ‘‘ok’’ text.

If I use the browser and go to: http://mzp-koruma.glitch.me/ I see Starting… the “sleep” message and the graphics (though they are pink).

Something about “scan a QR code” appears in my browser but it never does more than that.

Pinging is banned on glitch.

What you distinguish? Which project are you talking about?

What does it mean ?