[BUG] Export to GitHub discards text with ".git" onwards. "user/user.github.io" becomes "user/user" during export

Hi, all.

When I click Export to GitHub, it’s working fine, but it’s not saving the repository name I entered.

I’ve entered “onesecondpersecond/onesecondpersecond.github.io” previously, but when I click Export again, it will only show “onesecondpersecond/onesecondpersecond”.

Is there a way to update this?

Project in question:


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Well, perhaps you could do it in reverse.

Each project has it’s own Git URL, so you are able to copy it and export to Github through that.

Try logging into github and use the link *

  • you go to the menu to export it and you should see a link, thats the one to copy

Hope it helps!

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Or you could change the repository name to your preference

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Hi 17lwinn, thanks for replying.

I need the repo name to be in the organization_name.github.io format so that it will serve on GitHub Pages.

The problem is that Glitch discards any text after a “.git” during Export. You can see this in their recently updated export notification (Will upload pictures via separate posts since they set a limitation on how many images you can attach per post).

E.g. for this project:

Typing in “napjoseph/napjoseph.github.io” only exports to “napjoseph/napjoseph”.

Screen Shot 2020-02-27 at 23.52.16

But if I change it to “fithub”, it will export it to “napjoseph/napjoseph.fithub.io”

Screen Shot 2020-02-27 at 23.52.48

Sadly, both of these repositories does not exist, therefore, I cannot Export using the UI.

Hopefully this bug will be fixed soon. :frowning:

For new users experiencing this issue:

As of 2020/03/04, this bug has been verified by Glitch Support. No ETA yet, but I will update this page when the bug has been fixed. In the meantime, I found a temporary workaround.

  1. Go to your project’s Settings page. In my case it’s https://github.com/napjoseph/napjoseph.github.io/settings.
  2. Rename your project and remove the .github.io at the end. napjoseph.github.io becomes napjoseph. Save.
  3. Rename your project back to napjoseph.github.io. Save.


When you rename a project, GitHub will redirect old links to the new one. E.g. https://github.com/napjoseph/napjoseph will redirect to https://github.com/napjoseph/napjoseph/napjoseph.github.io.


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