Bug in Firefox Reality

I use Glitch with Firefox Reality installed on Oculus Quest.
This allows me to code VR with AFrame without removing the headset.
However, I am troubled by the following three bugs.

  1. The selected character is deleted when I change files or close the search dialog.
    This bug causes code to be deleted without my knowledge.

  2. Keyboard input is not possible even when the code area is clicked.
    Clicking the code area about 5 times fast will allow me to type on the keyboard, but that is inconvenient.

  3. When typing at high speed, characters are shifted one character to the right or left of the cursor.
    This bug causes the typed characters to be out of order.
    It happens both in the code area and in the file name search field.
    This may be a bug in Firefox Reality, so I’ve also reported it to that issue.

It would be very helpful to fix these three bugs.


If you can change your user agent, change it to the iPad user agent, so the editor is more compatible.

Thank you for your response.
Firefox Reality’s user agent could only be changed to Android or PC (Linux).:sweat_drops:

Try android then, it should use the same editor.

I am on Android, but I have a bug.
Mozilla said there was a bug in FirefoxReality, so I’ll wait for the upgrade.