Bug: no cursor on mobile

Hi! Right now I can’t do any glitch stuff on my iPhone or iPad. I’ll leave off the details of models and browsers because it’s happening on all my mobile devices and all browsers and all projects.

*No cursor, so I’m guessing where I am by starting to type (keyboard does show up when I click in the editor)
*Space bar not functioning - just doesn’t register as a typed character; instead it yanks me South on the screen on all devices and browsers, like I’m reading The Man in a Bash terminal
*No paste option coming up when I long press so I can’t paste or copy.

its been this way about five days (since my hard drive crashed and I’ve been dependent on my wife’s computer/trying on my phone a lot) but I forgot that you do want it working on mobile and forgot to report.


Hi John,

thanks for reporting! This sounds like a major regression. I’ve checked on my iPad and I can reproduce. We’ll work on it and solve asap! Thanks again :slight_smile:

hi John,

we just deployed a fix, you should be able to use Glitch on your iOS devices again :slight_smile:

Thanks again for reporting this bug!


You’re welcome and thanks for fixing.

It’s been useful to be able to use mobile.

It’s becoming laborious on my iPad (2nd gen, starting to show its age everywhere but xtra lagging and keyboard locking on glitch editor) but on my iPhone SE* it seems to be working okay.

*  the small one for people with small hands or a preference for normal sized phones

A couple things happen on mobile safari and chrome when using Glitch (editor) on my ipad, and they feel like they could be related to my ipad being olddddd, but they don’t seem to happen on the same browsers on other typing-heavy webapps like Discourse or Codeschools interface for learning javascript:

ios 10.3.1 (updating to 10.3.2 soon) on my iPad 2nd Gen

  • Delete key goes rogue, taking out a couple lines of code unless I exit the browser app and reenter. Sometimes as few as 2 clicks triggers this; othertimes I can hit delete 6 times with no trouble.
  • the Logs aren’t adjustable or at least attempts to click/drag the bar have all failed so far on mobile
  • Which restricts me to a small range of motion while scrolling in the logs panel, which is problematic because
    • scroll too big: can register as a “swipe up” and bring up options panel on ios
    • scroll too small: very often registers a click, drops a cursor in code above logs, brings up keyboard, and if it has its way, drops a random late keyboard key I inadvertently hit while still scrolling into my code somewhere

I can think of ways to make this work better on my end (disabling the “swipe up” while in apps) but the logs space could be very improved on mobile. I really need to be able to scroll down to the last log easier since I don’t have a command+down arrow or page down or anything to use on mobile.

Anyway, I figure most users arent on mobile but I am doing my best to represent a subset of users who are nontechnical product managers or designers or business managers. “John uses slack, trello, google sheets with some arrayFormulas, a little airtable, and then gets introduced to webooks by zapier/ IFTT, finds out how easy it is to customize stuff because of airtables or slack’s documentation, and starts trying to do some custom javascript in zapiers “javascript” module… but it’s too rigid and he needs a super simple way to move http requests around.”

As a nontechnical operations manager using those kind of products I did almost everything on my phone. Admittedly I had an analyst and a couple others on my team who handled the types of normal stuff that I would have to normally do on a computer, so it was a bit of an exception, but I really did spend most time on mobile and would go for days without using my macbook (air, 11 inch).


We will definitely look into fixing these bugs as soon as we can. I’m glad you’re using and sometimes enjoying Glitch on your phone - you’re probably more futuristic than most in a good way.

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A possible fix for this could be to make logs pane a full-screen window on mobile.

Also, it would be better if the files pane could slide all of the way out of the way, like how in most mobile apps, the list goes away and there’s a back button.