BUG: npm uninstalling

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i am not no expert at npm, but i have had this issue every once in awhile recently

@Jonyk56 I think you’ve misunderstood what’s happening in most of these cases. If there’s a problem with (p)npm installing things there’s typically one of two things going on:

  1. The project is restarting after a 12-hour shut-down and runs into a temporary problem with installation that requires running enable-pnpm to kick off a fresh install which generally fixes that issue
  2. Something has changed with the packages between the last install and the most recent one. This can be because the package.json file changed (it’s not unheard of for someone to swear they didn’t change their package.json file but a look at the project’s Rewind shows that to be incorrect, for instance) or because something changed outside of the project - we’ve seen numerous cases where a package owner unpublished a particular version, for instance, making the version requested in some package.json files invalid.

There have also been a few isolated problems - Nuxt.js, for instance, isn’t compatible with pnpm so it requires npm to run correctly - but these rarely change between installs on an otherwise-unchanged project.

I can’t recall seeing an issue with pnpm that doesn’t fit number 1 or number 2 or is some kind of explainable edgecase like Nuxt.js. If you know of an issue with pnpm that doesn’t fit one of those situations and can be reproduced I want to know about it because that would indicate a bug, but I am unaware of any.