[Bug Report] Glitch editor doesn't work on Safari 10.1.2


On my iMac running Yosemite and Safari 10.1.2, the Glitch community somewhat works, but any embeds or the editor page itself are completely blank. Opening the console shows this error:

index.version.41222f5028ce91dbea0c417e39d9b26c.min.js:1 SyntaxError: Cannot declare a let variable twice: 't'.

Glitch works fine on my iOS devices running iOS 12.


Dude, I have found one similar issue to this : https://github.com/mishoo/UglifyJS2/issues/1753. I hope that they fix!


Hey @Dog2puppy sorry about that. Glitch is only officially supported on the latest major version of each browser, so Safari 10.x is outside of that range. I’ll make sure those limitations are clarified in the FAQs.


Oh. That’s kinda annoying. Guess I need to figure out why my iMac won’t let me update.


I can understand your frustration, but hopefully you can understand that being a very small team we have to prioritize what we work on.

That said, if it’s a relatively easy fix we might be able to take care of it. Do you have an example project that you run into this on or do you see it on all projects (I ask because not every project has an index.js file, so if this only affects some specific projects we can narrow our investigation)?


It happens on every project in the editor, including the embeds that show on glitch.com/~ProjectNameHere. I understand that it’s a small team, so I can just use the Git url if it can’t be fixed.