Bug Report: New card hover triggers JS error

Hi Glitch Team,

Nice work with the new cards, they look cool!

I found a little bug. If you go to @khalby786’s profile, then hover over the display pic of Ralph from the Simpsons:


The page will crumple into a “Something went wrong, try refreshing?” message.

DevTools console says

TypeError: Cannot read property 'authUserHasBookmarked' of undefined

cc. @tasha

Thanks for your hard work improving Glitch :slight_smile:


This is most weird and confusing, I went over to “Ralph from the Simpsons’” profile and a couple of other profiles as well (including jenn’s) and it seems as if it randomly happens while hovering over the collaborators of a project.

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I don’t think it’s random per se, I suspect it’s gonna be certain people whose profiles have some combination of properties (i.e. they’re missing whatever should be the parent of authUserHasBookmarked)

“s2sl-devs” and “ProTechCEO” seem to trigger it reliably.

cc. @17lwinn


I dug a bit further using the Glitch API, and authUserHasBookmarked is a property for a Glitch project that returns a boolean value whether the authorized user (which is you, correct me if I’m wrong on this part) has bookmarked the project.

"authUserIsMember": true,
"authUserIsTeamMember": false,
"authUserHasBookmarked": false

I have bookmarked quite a few projects come to think of it, a solution may be just to bookmark a project to inhabit that space

Thanks for the report! We’re working on a fix thanks to all the info — I’ll update as I have more info.


Fix is live on prod. Should be cleared up (may need a page reload) — let us know if it’s not fixed on your end / thanks again!


Nice one Jesse and team! Thanks for the quick fix. #agile

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