Bug report: some files not shown in IDE


In uvi.glitch.me not all the files (in particular server.js) are showing up in the web IDE even though they are definitely there (viewable in the console and GitHub import/export works fine and includes them).

Official bug report:

  • Steps to reproduce: surf to https://glitch.com/edit/#!/uvi
  • What happens: server.js not shown in sidebar
  • Expected: server.js should be shown cuz it’s totally there

(Meta: I was shy to send this bug report publicly in the forum and worked around it for quite a while because I wasn’t sure if it was of general enough interest. (Also I hate complaining, especially about something as brilliant and useful as Glitch!) But I didn’t know of another way to report a bug besides emailing which I’m also generally super shy to do. Advice solicited!)


Hey - Projects only show up to 100 files in the file tree, the rest get hidden from view but still exist. Using .gitignore to temporarily remove some files from view can help work around this. But it looks like your project has many files, so I think you’re hitting this limit.


Pretty reasonable when you put it that way! (: I guess just a feature request then to indicate that that’s happened! Even sticking in a static ellipsis or something would probably be enough of a hint that it wouldn’t seem buggy.

File hidden from editor tree