[BUG] Small bug with .zip's in assets folder

i discovered a small bug with .zip’s in the assets folder.
I don’t know if this only applies to zips or to anything but when i upload the file, go to the assets & copy the direct URL, it gives me the file but his name is messed up. (ex: “70c-… & the file name” instead of just the filename)

Thanks for fixing this up.

(I don’t even know if this is normal, it’s not too problematic…)

do you mean like https://cdn.gomix.com/2bdfb3f8-05ef-4035-a06e-2043962a3a13%2Fapple-touch-icon.png?1489274037057? That’s intended. The 2bdfb3f8-05ef-4035-a06e-2043962a3a13 part is the name of the folder the file is in on our cdn server.